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Please note that I am not accepting new clients at this time.

For over 10 years, I have been providing therapy to individuals and couples who are needing support in navigating and improving their relationships and circumstances.


Have you been struggling with low mood and/or anxiety? Perhaps you’ve been feeling disconnected from your partner and don’t know how to rebuild connection and intimacy. Maybe you’re trying to manage stress but your usual coping strategies are no longer working. If you find yourself experiencing any of the above or if you’re struggling with something different, perhaps therapy is the next step.

Carrie Bisson Counselling & Therapy has a new employee!

Please meet Archie, my new office mate. He will be accompanying me to the office sporadically beginning December 2020. Please note that our office is dog friendly. We have therapy and companion dogs on site. so if you do not do well with dogs or you have an allergy, please let me know so I can make other arrangements.